Slav defence

I played this game on as part of a themed tournament where every game started with 1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6; the Slav defence to the Queen’s Gambit.


What do ratings mean?

In this blog I occasionally will refer to chess ratings. What do they mean?

Well, I am normally referring to the ELO rating system. The following ‘meanings’ may be useful.

less than 2600 = Grandmaster
2400-2600 = International master
2400-2400 = Master
2000-2200 = Expert
1800-2000 = Class A
1600-1800 = Class B
1400-1600 = Class C
less than 1400 = Beginner

I play mainly on using what is effectively correspondence chess. The get an official over-the-board (OTB) ELO chess rating you have to play in official OTB tournaments. I tend not to do that these days. So the ratings on are indicative and not official. My highest rating on was just over 2000 but I am currently a Class A player. Class A and Class B are effectively the level of playing in a chess club.